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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mare Coco Sponge FAQ
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Mare Coco Sponge FAQ

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We recommend that you thoroughly clean your sponge at least once a week until the water runs clear prior to disposal.

You can either:

  1. Throw it away - it will degrade like any other food item you could otherwise compost, such as a banana peel in the garbage. Landfill variability is a factor here, though. We just can’t say for certain how long that would take due to differences in environmental factors between landfills, but definitely shorter than an average makeup sponge, which can sit in said landfill for a lifetime
  2. Drop it in your recycling bin such as waste4change
  3. Throw it in your compost bin
  4. Send them back to us through our Care With Runa program!


What is the Coco Sponge made of?

Coco Sponge are made of biodegradable foam material and coconut husk as a natural pigment. Each one is planet-friendly, bio-based, vegan and cruelty free.


I have sensitive skin. Can I use Coco Sponge products?

Yes, of course! Coco Sponge products are made from natural ingredients, safe for sensitive skin, and are dermatologist tested.


How do I (and how often should I) clean my Coco Sponge?

We recommend cleaning your Coco Sponge products once every two days. Rinse and dry in the container it comes with before storing.


How often should I replace my Coco Sponge?

Although Coco Sponge products will not degrade during use, we suggest replacing them once every three months (every 90 days) to maintain peak performance and hygiene.


How do I properly dispose of my Coco Sponge?

Coco Sponge can be thrown away in the trash or can be placed in your recycling and compost bin, always check with your local recycling center to understand what they may and may not accept!


How do I properly dispose of the cylinder packaging?

We highly recommend to upcycle the packaging into a brush holder, flower vase, or as a storage. The PCR (post-consumer recycled)* paper packaging is also biodegradable and can be recycled.


Will the Coco sponge degrade during use?

No, they will not degrade during use. It is designed to maintain composition to effortlessly blend your makeup for a natural-looking finish. For the Coco Sponge to degrade, it needs to be in a compost environment.


What is the benefit of coconut husk? How/why is this more environmentally friendly? 

Anytime a renewable resource is used in place of a non-renewable resource, CO2 emissions are lessened and there is less strain put on the limited supply of fossil fuels.

Benefit #1: coconut husk is a waste product. Meaning once it has been used (i.e. to coconut oil, coconut milk, etc) it is thrown away and will eventually end up in a landfill. The bio-based materials used in creating Coco Sponge are derived from “used” or “waste” Coconut.

AKA: we’ve found a way to repurpose a renewable resource even after it is considered “waste”.