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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Is Acid-Based Deodorant For You?
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Is Acid-Based Deodorant For You?

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"Hi Runa, I’ve used AlpHA Deo for a couple of days and unfortunately it doesn’t work. Is there anything else I can do?"

First thing first: you have to know what you’re looking for!

The role of deodorant is to stop you from smelling, while the role of antiperspirants is to stop you from sweating.

So while AlpHA neutralizes your body odor, it will not stop you from sweating.

You’re Going Through a “Detox” Phase

If you recently made the swap from a traditional antiperspirant or deodorant to an acid based one like AlpHA Deo, allow your body 30 days or so to completely transition out of using antiperspirant. 

The detox phase allows your pores to breathe again after they’ve been plugged every day for several years with aluminum. We need to let them breathe and allow what was blocked out to be released. After about a month or so, it should be smooth sailing.

(Everyone is different, so some will see results right away and some pits need a bit of time to detox and adapt to the new environment.)

Don’t Apply on Damp Underarm

Before applying any deodorant, make sure the underarm is clean and dry. If the area is wet, the moisture can fail to allow your formula to be properly absorbed. 

You’re Not Treating Bacteria

Sweat isn’t what smells—it’s the bacteria forming in our underarms that does. 

Pro tip from someone suffering from hyperhidrosis (me!): use an antibacterial soap before applying AlpHA deodorant, make sure you pay close attention to scrubbing the area to eliminate any bacteria. 

Your Clothes Might be Making the Situation Worse

Synthetic fibers hold onto odor due to the nature of the weave, but natural fibers like cotton, linen and bamboo are woven differently and allow odor to move through the fibers instead of trapping it.

Another thing to keep in mind? The fit. Tight clothing creates friction in the underarm and grabs onto the moisture which results in odor trapped in the fabric.



don’t be afraid to reapply throughout the day and please give it time. When switching to a completely different deodorant, your body – and more specifically your underarms – will go through a natural transition period commonly known as an armpit detox and your body might need a little time to adjust!

We hope this helps :)