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Ruko Mediterania Marina Residence

#27-28, Jl. Lodan Raya, Ancol Barat, 14430

Ruko Mediterania Marina Residence

#27-28, Jl. Lodan Raya, Ancol Barat, 14430

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


At our core, our mission is to constantly invent new and sustainably innovative ways to create the most effective beauty products. We are energized by our vision of change - one that leads to a better looking, better feeling for us all.

Our framework for sustainability is rooted in our ongoing pursuit to address the interconnected factors that impact environmental, social, and economic balance. We make all our decisions carefully—intentionally—because we understand what’s at stake: our bodies, our planet, each other.

Brands often use sustainability as a buzz word or to check off a box as if their work is done. But for us, sustainability is a constant—an evolving goal to continually improve upon so that we can find better, more efficient solutions for making effective beauty products.

This desire to keep doing better is at the center of how we operate. It’s not enough to simply use recycled packaging or organic ingredients, or to leave meaningful change in the hands of consumers. Not only does the job require persistent vision and creative problem solving, but, above all, it comes with a moral obligation to consider the impact we have as creators.

Conscious Sourcing

Creating sustainable beauty products is contingent on our conscientious choices around ingredients. While desirable oils and minerals can be at risk of unethical practices and overharvesting, there also exist naturally affluent raw materials that are much more resilient and require less effort to keep sustainable. We do our best to seek out sustainable, efficient materials and test their nutritional values and active levels for inclusion in our formulas.

Fair Practices & Social Responsibility

We’re committed to a business model that strengthens fair practices and better working conditions. Farmers and producers in developing countries are often incentivized to convert their production to more commercially desirable agriculture, often at the cost of their health and environment. Our goal is to always support Indonesian independent producers, suppliers, and farmers using fair practices that make it economically possible for them to continue. This encourages local producers to keep growing plants that are indigenous to their region, upholding economic and cultural significance to their communities at large.

Safety for those that tend to our products is paramount. We work with our manufacturing partners to establish safer production and manufacturing methods and handling of materials. We also work alongside them to develop new programs and initiatives to enhance working conditions, improve wage systems, and create hiring opportunities.

Nature + Science 

We curated a selection of naturally derived ingredients and scientifically proven synthetic chemical because we believe in nature and science. We believe they can coexist in harmony. As part of our commitment to our health and our environment, we closely review our formulations as new information comes to light, and adjust swiftly and accordingly.

We believe in well-formulated products as well as in a personal approach to skincare and beauty. These beliefs are the essence of our creations. These are some ingredients that we decided not to include in our products, not that it’s toxin, but because we believe there’s better alternatives that we can use.

  • Animal-Derived (Fat and Musk)
  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
  • Mercury and Mercury Compounds
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Formaldehyde and FRP’s (Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives)
  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT)
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Phthalates

Upcycling Raw Materials

Looking more closely at the idea of throwing things away, it becomes clear that ‘away’ doesn’t exist. An item that falls out of cycles of use doesn’t go ‘away,’ it renders the place where it ends up unusable—a landfill, a river that stops fulfilling its functions. We’re reassessing that destination, the place where it ends up unusable. One thing we’re doing is upcycling extracted raw materials. By drying it into mulch, it can be used as compost back at the original source, or at partnering farms in Indonesia.

Replenishing our bodies while replenishing our Earth—that’s a waste-free win-win.


Alternative Packaging Options

Recycled, recyclable, biodegradable packaging is just the beginning. Alternative packaging such as bioplastics and mycelium-based packages are being implemented across multiple industries. We’ll invest our efforts toward testing these packaging solutions against beauty products without sacrificing the efficacy, safety, or stability of our products.

Where we are today:

  • We are cutting single-use plastics by 2021. This means we aren’t producing single-use samples, and won’t until we can find better packaging alternatives.
  • We only use recyclable materials for our packaging. We choose packaging that can be easily recycled, such as paper and corrugated boxes.
  • We only print using soy-based inks & dyes. Natural ingredients give our products radiant colors and provide for an environmentally-friendly, low-impact, post-consumer experience.


We never test on animals, either it's the finished product or the ingredient and raw materials. We have a strict code of conduct with our suppliers, manufacturing partners and third-parties to only use materials that are also ethical and not tested on animals! We also don't sell our products where animal testing is required by law.

So in short:

  • We don’t test finished products on animals at any point during production.
  • Our suppliers don’t test raw materials, ingredients, or products on animals.
  • No third-party tests on animals on our behalf.
  • We don’t test on animals where the law requires it, i.e. mainland China.